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Our Focus Areas


Take your business to the clouds with our expert system integration & consulting partnership

Leverage the power of Data Analytics & Intelligence, realize the benefits of Hybrid Cloud setup or Migrate your data center workloads to the cloud and harness cost efficiencies & scalability

Artificial Intelligence

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Raise your business level with our machine augmentation & machine learning expertise

Leverage Data Analytics to predict, personalize & enhance your customer experiences, supply chains, operations, fraud detection & more

Tap into Bots to take advantage of natural language processing capabilities combined with data analytics & automation

Automate to streamline operations and improve cost & work efficiencies


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Upgrade to tomorrow and achieve cost efficiencies while enabling omni channel strategies

Embrace Digital Transformation to open up new revenue streams

Digitize manual processes with latest technologies, innovation & automation

Migrate your Legacy systems to new applications and transform your data to get meaning insights


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Take advantage of growing blockchain technologies to foster trust & lower transaction costs

Design and implement distributed ledgers, digital signatures, consensus algorithms, smart contracts to your Payments, Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail & Loyalty rewards, Identity Verification, Healthcare, Insurance & other areas

Strategy & Consulting

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We can closely partner with you to understand your business challenges & needs

We can help shape your business specific solutions drawing from our wealth of knowledge & experience and come up with Strategies, Roadmaps, Infrastructure, Data & Application Architecture/Plans and more

About Us

At RAAV Ventures, we don’t just partner and provide quality solutions from our wealth of knowledge & experience. We work side by side to help you make good technology decisions & solutions to grow your business in ways you wouldn’t be able to independently

We believe our success lies in your success. We are absolutely committed to taking your business to the next level

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Let’s talk about what we can do together. We will work with you to ideate and build the best solutions

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When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and put in our best to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. So, if you are looking for the right partner to increase team performance while reducing operational cost , we are right here!